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I’m constantly surrounded by negativity. And it’s really taking its toll on me emotionally and physically. I doubt and second guess everything I do. I feel like I matter very little to the people around me and that trying is pointless. Today I can barely get up enough to participate in life. I sit in bed and cry when I’m alone because it’s the only way I can express my feelings without screaming or throwing something. And when I’m with other people I’m withdrawn and sullen. I seldom find happiness in anything. My life is on mute. I want so many things for my family that I’m always dreaming; when I look in the mirror I don’t even recognize the person looking back at me. I just want some peace.


Yes hello I have tried out adulthood and I have found it’s not really working out for me is it possible to get a refund




Friendly reminder that the Harry Potter books have 1,084,170 words and James and Lily Potter have been dead for every single one of them.

friendly reminder that in all 1,084,170 words, Alice and Frank Longbottom can’t ever remember their son. 


i hate people, but i hate saying i hate people because that makes me sound mean i’m nice i like people it’s just that i hate people

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